Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Matt Marlon: Making A Difference

My family and I have been really blessed in many ways and to give thanks, we find ways to pay it forward. These days, it is not a secret that it can be a struggle to continue living like we used to due to various economic downturns but we have proven that nothing is impossible and there is a force that guides us always to the right path.

            My brothers and I are taught to share our blessings in anyway we could. We grew watching our parents help out neighbors, distant relatives and even strangers in every possible way. As a family, it has been our tradition to participate in socio-civic movements, we are consistently donating blood and dry goods to institutions such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army. And this is where we have heard of Matthew Marlon, or Matt Marlon to most people. We have actually met the man and we are just in awe of his passion for children and in helping others. It was a pleasure meeting a man like Matt Marlon. We learned that he has been a constant presence in outreach programs and rescue missions here in Las Vegas NV. For more than 13 years now, Matthew has also been with Big Brothers Big Sisters, partnering with different children who need his company, guidance and mentoring.

            Big Brother Big Sister is this organization that aims to reach out to children who need the presence and guidance of either a Big Sister or a Big Brother. This is actually a very nice concept, reaching out to children of single parents or those who do not have parents at all. Matt Marlon struck me as someone who is very goal oriented but very lenient and accommodating at the same time. In one of the events we attended for Red Cross, I saw him again with his current Little (I guess that is what they call the children under their programs who are matched with either a Big Sister or a Big Brother). I really admire the man for his dedication and passion not only for children but in helping others in general. In these modern times, it is very seldom that we can actually find someone who is willing to sacrifice a lot for others. It can be a struggle to look after one another but Matt Marlon proved that a little sacrifice from the more fortunate ones can make a very big impact on the lives of others.

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