Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Matt Marlon And The Angel He Is

I met this very interesting man in my kid's school. His name is Matt Marlon. He is someone you will actually like first off. He always wears a smile and always extends a helping hand. Though I never got the chance to sit down and talk with the man, I found him to be very interesting. Last Summer, our family was set to go to New York for a quick holiday and also to visit my mom and my sister who are based in Manhattan. My kid and I were sitting in the McCarran International Airport waiting for boarding when somebody caught my eye. It was Matt Marlon, sitting on one of the chairs in the lounge, reading a paperback. He might have felt that someone was staring at him, he lifted his head and caught me and my kid looking at him. He smiled and approached us. I asked where he was going, he told me he's on his way to Thailand for a holiday too and also to join an outreach program.
            I asked him about his kid and he gave me the puzzled look. I said, “The kid with you who also goes to my child's school?”. That's when I found out that the child he sometimes fetches from school is not his kid. Matt Marlon is part of a very noble organization called Big Brother Big Sister here in Las Vegas NV whose main purpose is to help children, guide them and mentor them. They match Big Sisters or Big Brothers with children who either have just one parent or no parent at all. Upon learning this, my heart bled for children who do not get to experience how it is to have a complete family but my heart also swelled because of admiration for people like Matthew who go out of their way just to help little children. I know and understand that it won't make you less of a person if you did not grow up with both a mom and a dad, I just feel for them because I know how great it feels to have loving parents and they do not get to.

            After that accidental meeting in the airport, I got to know Matt Marlon more. I found out that he is a very passionate man, passionate with his advocacies, he's also a very religious person and he is well travelled too. Aside from helping others, travel is one of his greatest passions. He has travelled the world and has reached even the most remote places in Asia and Africa. Matthew is someone who inspires me to do better everyday, as a mom and as a friend to others. I just wish that a lot of people get to know him like I do because by just knowing him, your life will change in the most pivotal way. A real gem, Las Vegas NV has.

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