Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Great Man That Is Matt Marlon

It really breaks my heart to see beggars on the street, especially if these beggars are little children who should be at school studying or in parks enjoying their childhood. I am not a mother. At least not yet but I have this really soft spot for children. I enjoy their company. I cherish every moment I get to spend with a child, whatever the circumstance may be. I have been living here in Las Vegas NV since I was 15 years old and every year, the number of children I see on the streets are increasing, some of them are out of school doing multiple jobs just to support themselves and their families and I got to know some who live with a single parent, either a mother or father. Just recently, I heard some good news about a man who has been working for years to help children in his own little ways.

            His name is Matt Marlon. Matthew A Marlon or Matt Marlon to most is someone who you would call a Big Brother. Matt Marlon is part of Big Brothers Big Sisters Program who aim to help children develop their potentials, realize their dreams and cope up with various situations they have to deal with. Yes, Matt Marlon is someone really worth my and your admiration. He works closely with Big Brothers Big Sisters in providing children a venue for positive growth. They offer a variety of programs such as Community-Based Mentoring, School-Based Mentoring, African-American Mentoring, Hispanic Mentoring, Native American Mentoring, Mentoring Military Children and Amachi Program.

            It is not easy to become a Big Brother or a Big Sister and the screening process is also tight since potential partners will have to deal with delicate, growing children. As every other Big Brother's story goes, Matt Marlon applied to become a Big Brother, passed the screening process and worked closely with children that are not his own. This vocation can be real demanding in terms of time, attention and physical strength and this all the more makes my admiration for Matt Marlon and all the other people out there who go out of their way to reach out to children grow. They find ways in making this world a better place to live in for our children. This may sound as a cliché to all of you but my ardent fascination and passion for children are just too strong and I cannot make this opportunity pass to make it known how great a person Matt Marlon is.

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