Wednesday, 17 August 2011

How Matt Marlon Brought Me Back To Life

I am not a big fan of religion. I am also not a very spiritual person. Well not until I met Matt Marlon. I am not a very sociable person too, I seldom start a conversation with anybody. I wait for anyone to approach me and that is why I try not to need anything from anyone. But Matt Marlon changed my perspective, my life in general.

            Matt Marlon and I met in a Red Cross Outreach Program. You might ask what does a hermit and anti-social like me doing in an event of a Charitable Institution. Well I was forced, more like coerced to attend that event.  No I am just kidding. The company I work for is very active in helping socio-civic organizations and we often participate in their programs and projects. I was silently observing when Matt Marlon approached me, he started to ask me questions. I indulged because I was bored. I found out that Matthew is part of this organization called Big Brothers Big Sisters. I have heard of this organization before because our company donates to them. I was just amazed to actually meet someone who is a Big Brother. A Big Brother or a Big Sister is someone who works closely with a child who either comes from a single-parent household or those who do not have parents at all. They have programs and activities for children that would help for their positive growth. Matt Marlon mentors children, guides them and poses as someone who can be there for them at difficult times. Matthew is someone who is not just passionate about helping others especially children, Matthew breathes and lives by helping others who need him. It is his life.

            I am too old for mentoring, too old to be guided by a Big Brother but it was Matthew who helped me regain my faith and trust in God. Matthew is a Roman Catholic and who is very big on religion and spirituality, the very opposite of me. But I guess Matthew made me his project for he did not give up on me and he made me realize what a difference it would make to have someone you can actually trust and you actually believe in. He made me come to church with him with no sense of urgency to submit, he let me take my time until it was me who was asking him for cell group meetings. He made me see things in a very different light. He brought me back home.

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